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This page was created to supply very reasonably priced greenware. My entire inventory of greenware will be made available at very reasonable prices.

In exploring the web and the various magazines that I subscribe to and carry in my doll shop I have noticed that greenware is typically marked up a substantial amount when labor, and materials are looked at. Therefore, I am adding this page to the web and will be happy to fill your greenware needs at a small fraction of the prices I have seen anywhere else. I can still make enough profit not to be losing

money but, in the process I can help more people bring dolls into the world.

If you are ready to look at the greenware inventory and possibly

place an order then click on the appropriate button to the left.
The buttons are arranged in doll size and thus, the prices vary
a little due to the fact that the smaller the greenware the less
materials that are required.

If you would like to visit my main web page with links to completed Dolls,
Alfred Packer dolls, Doll Classes, and more then click on the
Dolls By Lori logo at the top.

Thank you for visiting my web page.

Lori Winblood

This Lake City, Colorado Web Ring site is owned by:

Dolls By Lori

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