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My first doll explorations began when I created puppets for a Lake City Cub Scout troop so, they could have a historical play about the Alferd Packer Masacre. Lake City, Colorado is the sight where the victims of the Colorado Cannibal Alferd Packer were found. Hince, over years a dark humor has arisen around the topic. After the puppets I designed some Alferd Packer cloth dolls and there was a lot of interest in them. I sold a number of them. One of them is in the museum here and has been featured on television shows A CURRENT AFFAIR, and BEYOND 2000. In addition, when Trey Parker of SOUTH PARK fame came through Lake City to produce CANNIBAL: The Musical, I met him and I was even one of the extras in the court room scene. I had no idea that this young man would go on to become so famous world wide for the SOUTH PARK shows and others.

Eventually, I became a Certified Doll Artisan after numerous classes. I expanded my work into the Porcelain doll area and make many beautiful baby dolls and others. I also teach DOLL IN A DAY classes and others to both adults and children. I have attended numerous doll shows where I have taken 1st place on numerous occasions. I have also had dolls take second and third at times. My original large alien cloth doll was well received for its originality and uniqueness.

I have been featured in numerous doll magazines including DOLL CRAFTER, OCT 1997 where I was described as the DOLL MOGUL OF COLORADO. While, I do not really picture myself as a MOGUL being that I live in a beautiful but, isolated area of the state, I was none the less touched by the artical.

I strive to make beautiful creations for the world as well as provide people who visit me the opportunity to create their own beautiful dolls. I also travel to other areas of the country and provide doll classes when enough interest is shown and enough classes are anticipated.

Thank you for your interest in my doll page. I hope you find something here for your enjoyment. I hope to see you at my shop some time when you can visit.

- Lori Winblood

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